What to Expect

Here at Bodyworks gym, we have taken strength training to the next level. Whatever your fitness journey so far, our weight training gym in Guernsey offers 8000 sq foot of training space allowing you to achieve your goals.

If you’re new to Bodyworks, you may be wondering what to expect when you first set foot into our fitness powerhouse.

See below to find out more about our Guernsey weight training gym, or to enquire about joining Bodyworks, please get in touch.

Specialist Strength Training Equipment

Unlike your standard gyms, here at Bodyworks, we have an extensive range of specialist weight training equipment from strength machines, free weights and cardio machines.

Our gym is home to equipment and machinery designed to train any of the 650 muscles in your body – whatever goals you have set yourself, whether you’re working on your whole body or just certain areas in a training session, at Bodyworks, we’ve got you covered.

We believe that all members should have plenty of space to train in our gym, which is why we ensure to space out all equipment so that everyone can enjoy an effective workout.

Personal Training

Alex Anderson is our resident personal trainer here at Bodyworks, a certified NABBA weight training instructor as well as the guy in charge. For over 25 years we have been helping people not only meet, but surpass their training expectations.

If you’re new to weight training and would benefit from some expert guidance choosing our personal trainer is a great way to ensure you begin your fitness journey safely, and instil good habits from the get go.

Personal training is also a great option for seasoned gym-goers who are hoping to achieve more advanced fitness goals and build the body they want.

Gym Facilities

As well as the power-driven workout space our weight training gym provides, we offer a range of facilities to help make your training time as comfortable and effective for you as possible.

The gym’s on-site shop provides supplements and other refreshments such as protein, creatine and pre- and post- workout boosters, which complement your training and enhance your performance.

Our secure separate changing rooms have showers and lockers, providing opportunity for people to hit the gym straight after or before work.

24/7 Training

Whatever your day-to-day routine, Bodyworks gym is open 24 hours a day, for 365 days a year, meaning you workout can start when you want it to.

Whether you’re an early bird, or a night-owl, our gym and all its facilities are open 24/7, allowing to you schedule your training sessions at a time that suits you best.

Our Guernsey weight training gym is monitored at all hours, meaning you can feel safe and secure as you build the body you want, and achieve your fitness goals, no matter your schedule.

Join Our Weight Training Gym Today

If you’re ready to start weight training in an electrifying environment and want to not only achieve, but exceed your lifting goals, get in touch with Bodyworks today.

We welcome those of all fitness abilities, so whether you’re a complete novice, or a fitness enthusiast looking for a new space to workout, give us a call on 01481 242996.