Instructional Videos: The Dirty 15

  • Some Thoughts About Deadlifts & Squats

    Both exercises are phenomenal, in measured doses, but potentially devastating, if pushed too far.

  • LandMine Squats

    Injuries don’t stop you from training, they just make you smarter about how to go about it.


    The Seated Triceps Press. Works the “back guns” quite like no other exercise. Try this exercise to chase the burn & isolate the triceps.

  • Iso-Lateral Pulldown

    We originally designed these instructional videos to be a total of 12 in the series but got a little carried away and shot a few more.

  • The Compound Chest Press

    A really fantastic way to give a full, defined look to the pecs.

  • Horizontal Calf Machine

    A unique way to hit those difficult muscles that you forgot were down below your knees.

  • Paramount Pec Dec

    Bench Presses, shmench presses…The Pec Dec is a powerful pec builder that you don’t have to lie down for.

  • The Hack Squat

    A pretty decent alternative for people who don’t like “to squat”.

  • Hammer high pulley

    Putting a new twist on the standard pulldown movement.

  • Hanging Leg Raise

    Want abs sharp enough to cut your way through swaths of beach babes & deep enough to scrub your clothes on? Try out this baby!

  • Landmine Squat

    A real “kick-a**” of an exercise!

  • Lat Machine

    Build “Wings” wide enough to fly with, without putting the lower back in jeopardy.

  • Iso Leg Extension

    A quick & efficient exercise to put a ‘hurt’ on those quads.

  • Reverse Hyper Extension

    A difficult, unpopular exercise that can quickly prove its worth!

  • The Paramount Pullover

    A proper old-school movement that gym users often overlook or neglect.

  • The Kneeling Leg Curl

    At Bodyworks we never get enough good ways to work legs!

  • Double Pulley Biceps Curl

    Tired of doing the same old biceps exercise that everyone else does? Fancy “loading the guns” from a different angle? Try this signature exercise on for size!

  • Paramount Rotary Torso

    Want “Washboard Abs” deep enough to scrub your clothes on? Try this one!