Temporary Memberships

At Bodyworks gym in Guernsey, we offer temporary gym memberships for those still wishing to train whilst visiting friends, family, or on business. These memberships are also ideal if you would like something more casual than our monthly gym memberships, or for those who call Guernsey home and are visiting for the Christmas holidays or the long university summer after studying.


These temporary memberships are perfectly suited to those who don’t let a change in schedule or location shake up their training regime or throw them off your game. Bodyworks ensures you can still train and lift even whilst on the move and within a comparatively small window of time.


We offer three tiers of temporary gym memberships:

  • 1 Day Pass for £10 (by appointment booking)
  • 1 Week Pass for £29.99
  • 1 Month Pass for £74.99


Our temporary gym memberships are available to purchase through cash, card, PayPal (a/c BODYWORKS@CWGSY.NET) or our pre-paid EXPRESS card. This EXPRESS card is a convenient prepaid card with 2 or more visits loaded onto it. The card will grant you access between 8am and 8pm 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and can be used whenever you need a work out instead of joining the gym on a monthly membership.

The EXPRESS card is available for purchase with minimum 2 gym visits already loaded on to it, and can hold as many gym sessions as you need.

For more information and advice about the best gym membership option for you, please call us today on 01481 242996 or email us directly at bodyworksfitnesscentre@gmail.com to make a no-obligation appointment to look around the gym and discuss your requirements.