How helpful are BCAA/HMB/Creatine supplements for preserving muscle mass if you are running a caloric deficit?

BCAAs (particularly L-Leucine supplemented with Vitamin B6) and HMB become more efficacious (i.e. useful, practical and important) as anti-catabolic agents when in a situation of calorie deficit, a conclusion that has been supported in a number of relatively solid scientific investigations. My own opinion during 40 years of experience as a trainer and gym owner, as well as a competitive bodybuilder, also supports this claim. The further addition of creatine, especially in conjunction with a good resistance training scheme and not-too-much-cardiovascular and endurance training, will guard against the inevitable and real threat… Read More

I Need to Gain 5 lbs. and Want to Know How Long It Takes?

That depends on what kind of weight gain that you’re after.

Is it possible to lose enough weight to a healthy BMI by just doing a keto diet without exercise?

If weight loss is your only concern in life, then a well designed diet will be sufficient. But most of us also want to look good and be functional, too.

SQUATS: Full Vs. Half

Pros and Cons of going full or half a**ed!

Can You Furnish An Example Of How Genes Influence Choice of Training Programme Design?

Great question, I was hoping that somebody would ask me one like it! People struggle with all the conflicting ”expert” training advice that they are so often exposed to. Champion A tells us that 3 hour training sessions, twice a day, are the way to go; while Champion B let’s us know that Champ A’s training methods are laughable and that only 30 minutes every other day are required. As long as you train like a bat out of hell, the way that he trains. The simple answer may be that both… Read More

How Many Times A Week To Deadlift & Squat?

What happens when you think it’s right in the short term, but forget the Long Game?

Is one’s metabolism a factor in determining the rate at which results from weight lifting are experienced?

So, while you have to play the genetic hand of cards that you’ve been dealt, you always have some interesting options

What are some tips to safely increase weight when you lift (without risk of injury)?

Just think of it as a little like physiological zen. Outwardly: Always be aware of yourself, your position in your surroundings and how your body is interacting with those surroundings. Injury, his name is Murphy and has a law named after him, is always lurking about in the shadows, awaiting an opportunity. No matter how much the other guy on the bench press next to you is lifting, no matter how good an ass that girl on the stepper has…distractions may not often kill in the gym, but they certainly put you out… Read More

I want to train mainly for strength and power. But I also want to increase the size of my arms, forearms, calves & neck. Is this possible?

It can certainly be done, a few good bodybuilders have pulled it off quite successfully.

How do you determine the rest period between sets?

Rest is an individual and variable quantity. The amount of it depends a great deal on the following factors: Goal Relative amount of weight being lifted Genetic predisposition Age/Injury status For example, certain powerlifters who are in a heavy lifting cycle will often rest up to 5 minutes between sets. Bodybuilders, some of whom lack large quantities of fast twitch muscle fibres (the ACTN3 geneinfluences this) therefore train with relatively lighter weights, at a much higher volume, and may keep their resting intervals at around 60 seconds. Someone, on the other hand, who is older or just coming back after… Read More