Iso-Lateral Pulldown

We originally designed these instructional videos to be a total of 12 in the series but got a little carried away and shot a few more.

Horizontal Calf Machine

A unique way to hit those difficult muscles that you forgot were down below your knees.

Paramount Pec Dec

Bench Presses, shmench presses…The Pec Dec is a powerful pec builder that you don’t have to lie down for.

The Hack Squat

A pretty decent alternative for people who don’t like “to squat”.

Hammer high pulley

Putting a new twist on the standard pulldown movement.

Hanging Leg Raise

Want abs sharp enough to cut your way through swaths of beach babes & deep enough to scrub your clothes on? Try out this baby!

Landmine Squat

A real “kick-a**” of an exercise!

Lat Machine

Build “Wings” wide enough to fly with, without putting the lower back in jeopardy.

Iso Leg Extension

A quick & efficient exercise to put a ‘hurt’ on those quads.

Reverse Hyper Extension

A difficult, unpopular exercise that can quickly prove its worth!