Paul J’s Story: You Begin Where You Start And Then Just Work Like The Devil To Get From There.

The gym has been a new thing for me this year and I’ve seen marked changes in my physiology and improvements in strength, power output and comfort on the bike because of it.

How To Get There From Here-Ben’s Story

You don’t get into the gym to look like everybody else. You can take a walk up any High St. to get that.

By An Unaccustomed Route-Cip’s Story

Not everyone takes to training in the same way. Why should they?

5 Idle Questions for Mr. Mike

Being fit is a valuable resource pool & impacts every part of my life, my job and my hobbies.

MR. B’S Story

“To say that Alex and Bodyworks have completely changed my life for the better would be an understatement.”

Steve’s Story

“From the second you walk in it boosts your mood, confidence and positivity whether its busy or quiet.”

Marcus’ Story

“One of the great things about Bodyworks is that it’s a very personal experience; each member is treated as an individual rather than a number, which is often the case in a more ‘generic’ type gym.”