Is keto affected by cannabis consumption? I have a medical marijuana prescription and my doctor has cleared me to start a ketogenic diet. I am just not sure if I should.

An unexpected answer to an unusual question

My Friends tell me that, after a certain age, it is pointless to try to maintain muscle mass, let alone gain it. Fact or fiction?

…that day will not be today or tomorrow…and with any luck…no time soon.

The Problem That I have With The Tim Ferris-es Of This World.

Why let boring and tedious reality get in your way and make a mess?

COFFEE: Angel From Heaven, Or The Devil’s Handmaiden?

It’s whether or not you are a fast, slow or somewhere in between caffeine metabolizer!

Why do people who don’t train seem to think it’s pretty easy to get muscles and hard to lose them? I think what they think is just dumb.

The opposite of hypertrophy is atrophy and it is much easier to reverse muscular hypertrophy than to instigate it.

Liftin’ Heavy Iron Ups Yo Test & Make You Buff, Right?

There is not a simple association between lifting heavy weights and increased testosterone.

Cryo-solutions To Augment Post Session Growth. Good or Bad?

Ice baths, cold showers, compresses may be exhilarating, reduce post training pain, but probably achieve this at a cost.

Everybody Tells Me That It’s Better To Eat and Train After I Wake Up as Early in the Morning as Possible and I’m A Loser If I Don’t Do As They Say.

Well, sometimes everybody’s just a damned nincompoop.

How much does stress affect muscle growth?

Stress is an enigmatic cowboy wearing different hats under different skies.

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