Are neural adaptations to resistance training permanent, or are they lost if you haven’t trained in a long time?

If you don’t keep the radio plugged in, it don’t play.

What Muscle Is Most Limited By Genetics?

Why would Mother Nature leave out a muscle group?

Is it possible to build muscle at 45 years old?

It’s your call.

What is something that most people don’t know about body fat?

Things are not always as bad as they look!

Is keto affected by cannabis consumption? I have a medical marijuana prescription and my doctor has cleared me to start a ketogenic diet. I am just not sure if I should.

An unexpected answer to an unusual question

How do I use vitamin E to gain muscles?

It’s Only Snake Oil If It Doesn’t Do What It says it’ll do on the tin.

How Can I Work On My Stamina, Endurance & Put on Some Buff at the Same Time? You Know, Just Like Rocky.

How do you do it, when you want to do it all?

Hormone Replacement Therapy, Keep Your Mind Open & Never Say Die.

Remember, Mama Nature is more concerned with preserving your gene line than She is of preserving you.

After bulking up, how do you cut without losing muscle?

You don’t, you just try to lose more fat than muscle tissue on the way down.

Are protein efficiency ratio, net protein utilization, and biological value good indicators of quality protein for muscle building?

Practically speaking, these scales are more or less useful…but not very.