Do you lose muscle faster on a 500 calorie daily deficit or from halting all resistance training?

An interesting question. To keep my answer as simple and manageable as possible, I’ll need to ignore the contribution of genetics, training history and age, along with a whole host of relevant factors, hoping that the result will contain enough meat on the bone for a decent meal (i.e. answer). Let’s think about it a little. Other than their usefulness in locomotion (movement), your muscles serve as easily accessible pools of reserve amino acids in times of food scarcity (the other source of easily accessible energy, about 1/2 kg. of stored glycogen,… Read More

Just Squats. Do You Really Need Anything Else To Train Legs?

You don’t need 10,000 things to work well…all you need is one.

What is a simple truth about exercise that most people ignore?

Most see exercise as torture.

Why do some people let themselves go when they get older?

It is probably a question that everyone asks, at least twice in their lives.

Is it ok to continue lifting with heavy weights after age 50, or would it be better to go lighter?

getting to grips of what is really at stake here…

Is keto affected by cannabis consumption? I have a medical marijuana prescription and my doctor has cleared me to start a ketogenic diet. I am just not sure if I should.

An unexpected answer to an unusual question

My lower body is out of proportion to my smaller upper body. So, what do I do?

What to do if you just don’t have that hourglass balance?

The 5 Top Supplements For Not Growing Old Gracefully

Ok, so here’s the BodyWorks’ Hit List.

Does Muscle Soreness Indicate Muscle Hypertrophy?

It is Science’s job to spread doubt all about amongst true believers. I love science for this…even if what it finds out hits me like a .45cal slug and tumbles my world.

Why do anabolics appear to target more effectively the shoulders and traps?

The reason for this odd distribution and peculiar state of things has yet to be elucidated.