How long will muscle memory and strength last if you take time off from training (say 3-6 months)?

It lasts for a while.

Should you only take creatine on the days you lift?

Sometimes it doesn’t really matter.

Is it true that someone with larger muscles is always stronger than someone with smaller muscles?

Muscle size is by no means the only or even the main determining factor of strength ”in the real world”.

How helpful are BCAA/HMB/Creatine supplements for preserving muscle mass if you are running a caloric deficit?

BCAAs (particularly L-Leucine supplemented with Vitamin B6) and HMB become more efficacious (i.e. useful, practical and important) as anti-catabolic agents when in a situation of calorie deficit, a conclusion that has been supported in a number of relatively solid scientific investigations. My own opinion during 40 years of experience as a trainer and gym owner, as well as a competitive bodybuilder, also supports this claim. The further addition of creatine, especially in conjunction with a good resistance training scheme and not-too-much-cardiovascular and endurance training, will guard against the inevitable and real threat… Read More

Is a lack of sleep related to muscle hypertrophy?

In the last couple of decades the amount of knowledge that we have accumulated with regard to the significance and profundity of the effects of sleep (or the lack of it) on the brain and body is staggering.

Is one’s metabolism a factor in determining the rate at which results from weight lifting are experienced?

So, while you have to play the genetic hand of cards that you’ve been dealt, you always have some interesting options

I’ve heard a lot about mTOR and how it builds muscle. What supplements do I use to boost it?

If you find a supplement that successfully boosts mTOR, you will certainly boost cell proliferation.

Gym Psyche: What should your mind be focused on to optimize a training session? What is an ideal gym mindset?

Two important and good questions. I’ve always found a combat or warrior-spirit oriented focus the most fun and useful one in my mindset repertoire. It requires the same confident, switched-on, ears and eyes open, body oriented, sense prioritized, equal to your opponent and ready-for-anything state of being and readiness that while entering a potential battlezone, an experienced soldier might feel. For me, with my rather naturally lazy, semi-introverted personality, this sort of prep provides the energy and sense of power and of purpose that, after 40 years of almost non-stop training, I still… Read More

Is It Easier To Get Muscle & Strength Back Once You’ve Had It?

It Didn’t Go Anywhere That You Can’t Get It Back From!

When building muscle do actually put on more muscle fibres?

You could sort of see it that way.