I want to give up dairy but worry about where to get my calcium requirement. Have any suggestions?

So you’ve decided milk is for babies…and beer is for men, eh?

Why do some people let themselves go when they get older?

It is probably a question that everyone asks, at least twice in their lives.

What is something that most people don’t know about body fat?

Things are not always as bad as they look!

Is it ok to continue lifting with heavy weights after age 50, or would it be better to go lighter?

getting to grips of what is really at stake here…

Is keto affected by cannabis consumption? I have a medical marijuana prescription and my doctor has cleared me to start a ketogenic diet. I am just not sure if I should.

An unexpected answer to an unusual question

My lower body is out of proportion to my smaller upper body. So, what do I do?

What to do if you just don’t have that hourglass balance?

What are the risks of consuming expired protein powder?

It’s a question that all gym rats have asked themselves at least once…and today…we answer it!

Body Fat %: How Low Can I Go & Still be Healthy?

Less is not always more.

Name an activity or food that is unconventional yet healthy for you!

A lot to gulp down in one mouthful, especially while still alive.

As long as you don’t mind slurping down nature’s most intelligent and closest cephalopod relative to an amphibious human being…

My Friends tell me that, after a certain age, it is pointless to try to maintain muscle mass, let alone gain it. Fact or fiction?

…that day will not be today or tomorrow…and with any luck…no time soon.