SQUATS: Full Vs. Half

Pros and Cons of going full or half a**ed!

Deadlift: Barbell or Dumbbells?

First, try to define what you expect or want to achieve with he exercise.

Just Squats. Do You Really Need Anything Else To Train Legs?

You don’t need 10,000 things to work well…all you need is one.

Horizontal Calf Machine

A unique way to hit those difficult muscles that you forgot were down below your knees.

The Hack Squat

A pretty decent alternative for people who don’t like “to squat”.

Landmine Squat

A real “kick-a**” of an exercise!

Iso Leg Extension

A quick & efficient exercise to put a ‘hurt’ on those quads.

Reverse Hyper Extension

A difficult, unpopular exercise that can quickly prove its worth!

The Kneeling Leg Curl

At Bodyworks we never get enough good ways to work legs!