I get really sore after a good workout. Is it okay to use ice and/or ibuprofen to recover after I lift?

Sometimes, you just want to be sore.

I Need to Gain 5 lbs. and Want to Know How Long It Takes?

That depends on what kind of weight gain that you’re after.

Which muscles are the most limited by genetics? Some of mine seem to grow a lot slower than others.

It’s totally dependant on your genetics.

I want to add 20kg. of lean muscle mass. Can I accomplish this on a Vegetarian Diet?

20kg. of muscle?! Who knows? That much muscle mass would be difficult to gain on any kind of diet, vegan, carnivore, steroid or otherwise.

Is a lack of sleep related to muscle hypertrophy?

In the last couple of decades the amount of knowledge that we have accumulated with regard to the significance and profundity of the effects of sleep (or the lack of it) on the brain and body is staggering.

Do heavy weights with low reps build as much muscle as lower weights with higher reps?

Who and what are we to believe?

I’ve heard a lot about mTOR and how it builds muscle. What supplements do I use to boost it?

If you find a supplement that successfully boosts mTOR, you will certainly boost cell proliferation.

Creatine: Are Natural Sources, The Best Sources?

If creatine is your main concern, and there is no reason why it shouldn’t be, why not just bite the bullet and be practical about it?

When building muscle do actually put on more muscle fibres?

You could sort of see it that way.

Does Muscle Soreness Indicate Muscle Hypertrophy?

It is Science’s job to spread doubt all about amongst true believers. I love science for this…even if what it finds out hits me like a .45cal slug and tumbles my world.