What’s the weirdest advice anyone has attempted to give you regarding bodybuilding?

You can’t make this sh*t up.

I want to gain muscle mass quickly, but can’t change my schedule around much, as I don’t have a lot of time to spare. What are some good Mass Hacks?

Ask someone who believes in miracles.

Should I cycle off of protein and other muscle building/workout supplements every other month to protect organs?

if you decide to completely ‘’cycle-off’’ protein for long enough, it is quite likely to result in rather dire consequences.

When doing deadlifts why do some people drop the barbell?

Why indeed?

Amateur Keto Cookery PT. 2. Why You Should Do It.

So, dieting is hard and being fat is easier?

Why does a super hot bath make my heart race?

Lots of interesting things happen when you slide into that piping hot tub.

Is there a single food that you can survive indefinitely on?

Man does not live by bread alone.

What is a simple truth about exercise that most people ignore?

Most see exercise as torture.

What is something that most people don’t know about body fat?

Things are not always as bad as they look!

Name an activity or food that is unconventional yet healthy for you!

A lot to gulp down in one mouthful, especially while still alive.

As long as you don’t mind slurping down nature’s most intelligent and closest cephalopod relative to an amphibious human being…