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We are back in business!

I’m a little confused. Is a movement like pull-ups a compound movement or an isolation exercise?

Although it’s fashionable and convenient to label exercises into a groups like isolation and compound, it’s probably a little misleading.

Gym R(x): Self Sufficiency or How to Deal with Things Like Tendonitis & Other Minor Chronic Inflammatory Ailments.

The trick is to figure out what works in the real world and what is essentially just snake oil.

Is there any sense in trying to get fit, if you’re over 45y?

It’s your call, the clock is ticking and we’re paying by the hour.

SQUATS: Full Vs. Half

Pros and Cons of going full or half a**ed!

When should I do flexibility/stretch training?

If you’re gonna do it, give it some respect and take it seriously.

What muscles does the dumbbell pullover target?

Old Skool? Is often good school.

Do heavy weights with low reps build as much muscle as lower weights with higher reps?

Who and what are we to believe?

Question: Barbell Rows or Single arm Dumbbell Rows to work the lats & upper back muscles over a full range of motion?

Dynamics of the Alt. DB Row tend to make you play it a little more honest.

What Would Happen If You Did 2000 Push Up A Day?

Let’s first assume that you are actually capable of doing 2000 push ups in one go.