Besides Food & Weights, What Else Is Important For Building Muscle?

The things available in your mental and emotional tool chest.

I’m a little confused. Is a movement like pull-ups a compound movement or an isolation exercise?

Although it’s fashionable and convenient to label exercises into a groups like isolation and compound, it’s probably a little misleading.

Is there any sense in trying to get fit, if you’re over 45y?

It’s your call, the clock is ticking and we’re paying by the hour.

Is Morning, Afternoon or Evening the Best Time to Train?

If you are a square peg, my advice is to keep your edges nice and sharp and not round them off in order to succumb to a fashionable belief that round holes are better than square ones.

How Many Times A Week To Deadlift & Squat?

What happens when you think it’s right in the short term, but forget the Long Game?

What muscles does the dumbbell pullover target?

Old Skool? Is often good school.

Do heavy weights with low reps build as much muscle as lower weights with higher reps?

Who and what are we to believe?

Deadlift: Barbell or Dumbbells?

First, try to define what you expect or want to achieve with he exercise.

What is better for your heart long term – steady state cardio or HIIT?

Good news for busy people who are not lazy.

Gym Psyche: What should your mind be focused on to optimize a training session? What is an ideal gym mindset?

Two important and good questions. I’ve always found a combat or warrior-spirit oriented focus the most fun and useful one in my mindset repertoire. It requires the same confident, switched-on, ears and eyes open, body oriented, sense prioritized, equal to your opponent and ready-for-anything state of being and readiness that while entering a potential battlezone, an experienced soldier might feel. For me, with my rather naturally lazy, semi-introverted personality, this sort of prep provides the energy and sense of power and of purpose that, after 40 years of almost non-stop training, I still… Read More