What Do You Regret Most About Spending So Much Of Your Life In The Gym.

Don’t look back…it might be gaining on you.

Is it possible to build muscle at 45 years old?

It’s your call.

1st Day In Play

Just being open and legal to operate was the biggest bump and push that we could’ve done!

Should I cycle off of protein and other muscle building/workout supplements every other month to protect organs?

if you decide to completely ‘’cycle-off’’ protein for long enough, it is quite likely to result in rather dire consequences.

What is a simple truth about exercise that most people ignore?

Most see exercise as torture.

Name an activity or food that is unconventional yet healthy for you!

A lot to gulp down in one mouthful, especially while still alive.

As long as you don’t mind slurping down nature’s most intelligent and closest cephalopod relative to an amphibious human being…

How Much Muscle Do Women Really Find Attractive?

So, go ahead, go get some nice muscles. Not because you think that they will give you the upper hand in matters of the heart…

What fraction of body mass do I actually lift when performing a normal push-up?

Dear Mrs. Beeson, I do regret deeply all the wasted opportunities spent ditching your high school Latin & Physics classes.

What Those Who Can’t Do Do.

Some Live The Dream, others…in one.

How come shops don’t sell female bodybuilding magazines or female muscle magazines?

Hey, how about it? Let’s give all those girls an opportunity!