I want to spend as much time fasting as possible. Could I still put on muscle by just allowing myself a 2-3 hour eating window?

What to do if you want to gain muscle but not spend much time eating?

After bulking up, how do you cut without losing muscle?

You don’t, you just try to lose more fat than muscle tissue on the way down.

Why do people who don’t train seem to think it’s pretty easy to get muscles and hard to lose them? I think what they think is just dumb.

The opposite of hypertrophy is atrophy and it is much easier to reverse muscular hypertrophy than to instigate it.

Everybody Tells Me That It’s Better To Eat and Train After I Wake Up as Early in the Morning as Possible and I’m A Loser If I Don’t Do As They Say.

Well, sometimes everybody’s just a damned nincompoop.

Whey Supplements Are So Damned Expensive. They Used To Be A Lot Cheaper. What’s The Reason?

The older we get, the cheaper they were.

Book Review: Why DIRTY GENES sucks.

The concept inherent in DIRTY GENES doesn’t work simply in the same way that the emperor’s nice new suit of clothes didn’t.


A little snippet from The Golden Age Of BodybuildingWhen when what you really started out wanting was to get some kicks & become a legend.

I’m No Spring Chicken. What’s the Best Way For Me To Lift? Light or Heavy?

With a little knowledge and intestinal fortitude we should be able to outrun the traffic cop of time, at least for today.

If Eating Only 1 Big Meal A Day With Lots of Protein, How Long Before My Muscles Are In Danger From Catabolism And I Have To Eat Again?

My own instinct is that it would have been a downright sinister mind-boggle for evolution to have designed a hummingbird-like eating plan for human beings.

How much does stress affect muscle growth?

Stress is an enigmatic cowboy wearing different hats under different skies.