Strength Training

Not all strength training gyms are alike. Not all bodybuilding gyms are alike. At Bodyworks, you’ll find a strength training gym that will inspire you to push your limits of strength, a bodybuilding gym that will motivate you to gain muscle without the unnecessary distractions.


Bodyworks is a gym that makes weight and strength training something for everyone to enjoy, not just the professional athletes and practising sports people. Bodyworks is for anyone and everyone who wants to test their limits whilst building towards their ideal body composition. Surrounded by likeminded gym-goers who are all reaching towards common goals, you will feel the adrenalin and motivation of real, traditional strength and fitness training.


Strength Training Gym Equipment

Bodyworks Gym in Guernsey has over 10,000 kilos in Olympic weight plates for free weight sessions, and you can bench and deadlift your way through these within our 8,000 square feet of space. We also have specialised machines and cardio equipment to ensure that you have everything you could possibly need for your weight and fitness training programmes, no matter how ambitious or far reaching they are. The dedicated and allocated space furnishes each member the necessary space to get into his or her zone to push new maxes like never before


Strength and fitness training is demanding on your body, because true power and grit is necessary to push you to your limits. To assist you in the achievement of your goals, we also sell supplements like protein, creatine, pre- and post-workout, recovery boosters and many other specialised sport supplies to keep you performing at your optimum level. We always ensure that our prices beat local businesses and are fiercely competitive with online suppliers, including Amazon. You are always guaranteed of experienced and knowledgeable service as well as the best price at our shop.


The Bodyworks atmosphere is electric, alive, and buzzing, creating an energy that is more motivating than any other gym. We don’t believe in gym and fitness fads, but in acquiring real results for your health, strength, and fitness through training that works and works you hard.