Personal Trainer in Guernsey

Bodyworks offer the ultimate personal training in Guernsey. Our local personal trainer will help you break down barriers and move beyond your body goals. We will be here every step of the way on your personal journey to achieve your ultimate fitness goals.

For over 25 years we have helped people reach their optimum fitness. Alex Anderson is the guy in charge, a personal trainer in Guernsey who has over 40 years of practical experience and is a certified NABBA weight training instructor. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced lifter, Bodyworks offer a motivational and non-judgemental friendly atmosphere to help you with your fitness goals in Guernsey.

Our Services:

· 8000 sq foot of equipment
· Immense free weights area
· Extensive collection of strength machines
· Olympic sized boxing ring
· Personal fitness training
· Range of membership options

Bodywork’s personal trainer has the experience and the motivation to help you achieve what you thought was impossible. Our supreme fitness space is a gym like no other; offering 8000 sq foot of equipment and training space, plus an Olympic-sized boxing ring.

Our personal trainer/s will offer you the advice you need to build the body you want. From nutritional advice, supplementation advice through to the best exercises and form using free weights, strength machine and cardio.

We offer a range of membership packages to suit your personal goals, from a basic STEEL membership to the TITANIUM membership, which offers your 24/7 access to the gym and personal training.

Membership options:

· STEEL membership-9am-3pm.
· GOLD membership–8am-8pm.
· PLATINUM membership–24-hour gym access.
· TITANIUM membership–24/7 access with personal training.

Bodywork’s professional, supervised personal fitness courses and training are individually tailored to your needs and goals. We have all the tools and expertise to help you build the body you want. Perfect for any level of fitness from beginners through to advanced weightlifters and athletes.

Call us today on 01481 242996 to make a no-obligation appointment to have a look around, discuss your requirements and meet the team.