The Ideal Gym For Body Building and Strength Training in Guernsey

Bodyworks doesn’t just have an electric and pumped atmosphere that pushes our members to reach new heights, but it also houses impressive facilities accessible by all. Our weight training gym in Guernsey has been designed and laid out to enhance performance, target specific muscle groups, and improve the overall strength and physique of our members. Whether you are just beginning your fitness transformation or looking for a space that takes your goals as seriously as you do, Bodyworks is the home of progress you’ve been looking for.

Our Gym Equipment

Our Guernsey gym houses 10,000 kilos worth of Olympic weight plates for free weight lifting and strength training across 8,000 square feet of space. Strength machines, free weights and cardio machines are organised to maximise performance and space effectively and efficiently. If you’re interested in working any or all of the 650 muscles your body owns, we’ll have something to help you cover it. The gym is designed to allow each member adequate space to move, work out, and focus without impeding their own programmes and other members around them.

Our Changing Facilities

We have separate male and female changing rooms complete with showers and lockers so that our athletes may freshen up after a good work out. This provides ample opportunities for those who will go straight to their day job or into other engagements whilst still managing to get their pump on beforehand. These changing rooms, like our gym, are open 24/7 and 365 days a year.


Security and Technology

Bodyworks gym in Guernsey is monitored by CCTV cameras for your safety at all hours, and access is only granted using a computerised admission card. These cards are issue to every standing order member and can be organised for more flexible gym usage (whether weekly use or monthly use) and are subject to our membership plans. The lights and speakers are automated whenever the gym is occupied, so you will always be surrounded in a pulsing and vivid atmosphere. We also provide free WiFi.

The Electric Atmosphere

We have created a clean, power-driven gym space with an energetic atmosphere, natural air flow, industrial UV lighting, and sky lights for natural light to allow the ultimate focus and motivation – no sleepy yellow leisure centre lights here. The dedication and organisation of space allows each member to get into their zone and push new maxes like never before.

Gym Supplements and Refreshments

We have a shop onsite built into an MMA cage where we sell supplements like protein, creatine, pre- and post-workout and recovery boosters to enhance your athletic performance. Whether cultivating mass, creating muscle, or cutting, we have the professional products available at our store. We also provide refreshments for a small fee as well.


If you are searching for a dynamic and charged weight training gym that offers everything you need for the maximum performance, then you’ve found it in Bodyworks. Contact us today to arrange your membership, and push yourself harder.