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Hello, we are glad you have finally found our website!

We have recently been advised that it is not always so easy to find the gym.

If you are in the habit of using Google Maps GPS to find things, it usually works pretty well. It just doesn’t always appear to work in our case. Perhaps it’s just bad luck or perhaps Google People are just not gym people? You are welcome to try your luck but once in a while you might be sent off on a Wild Goose Chase and get lost.

!!!Use this map below and these directions and you WILL find us!!!


  1. You can use your first waypoint might be The Vale Garage Service Station. We are located nearby, in the Lowlands Industrial Estate.

  2.  The turnoff from Braye Road into the Lowlands Industrial Estate is less than 100 m in a Westerly direction from this Garage. (Please be aware–there is no other vehicular access! No other way to get into the Industrial Estate by car or bike!)

  3. Once in the Industrial Estate, make the first turn on your left just before InterSport. You will drive past G4S and then Scope Furniture, both on your left-hand side.

  4.  You will continue, making a rather tight left turn past Guernsey Housing Authority. Drive all the way down to the back & park anywhere.

  5.  There will be a door with a BODYWORKS sign above it. Push through this door.

  6. Climb the stairs all the way to the top. Ring the bell on the left-hand side of the upstairs security door.

  7. If you should run into any trouble call 01481 242996.



!!!To avoid disappointment, PLEASE CONTACT US BEFORE VISITING THE GYM!!!


Although BodyWorks is open to members 24/7 365 days, staff are not always available on a drop-in basis. Therefore, IT IS IMPORTANT that prospective customers who are not members are advised to make contact with us prior to visiting the gym. This is just to ensure that we are available to supply an attentive, efficient service and that you will not be disappointed.

We think that BODYWORKS is a rather unique business and thank you for taking the time to have a look around the website to learn something about us. We hope that you find Bodyworks as interesting and as useful as we do.

If you would like to tell us what you think about the website or want to find out more about the gym, please feel free to use the form below to contact us with your comments and queries. Or give us a call on

+44 7781 414373

We promise to get back to you as soon as we can.

If you want to have a quick look at some prices and options. download a membership pack here ->BodyWorks 2021 Membership Pack Download

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British Channel Islands

To avoid disappointment and allow us to be as helpful as possible 

PLEASE  ensure that you make contact with us PRIOR to visiting Bodyworks.

And here is how to contact us right away:

TELEPHONE: +44 (0)1481 242996 MOBILE: +44 (0)7781 414373


See you soon!


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Visit Us: by Plane, Boat, Bike, Walk, Hummer or Harley Davidson…but visit us!