What exercise do you find most people do wrong at the gym?

Where to begin?

What Would Happen If You Did 2000 Push Up A Day?

Let’s first assume that you are actually capable of doing 2000 push ups in one go.

How should I train squats in order to obtain maximum muscle growth?

What will be the squat sweet spot for you is something that has to be determined in one of two ways

O vs nO: Organic/not Organic.

Being organic makes me feel good, like I’m part of Nature…The problem is that it’s just a pipe dream.

Blood Flow Restriction Training: When, Why, How?

Why not try something new that works?

When building muscle do actually put on more muscle fibres?

You could sort of see it that way.

Eat. Before Or After Training?

YOUR CALL. Yes, it depends on you.

As you get older, should you focus more on strength, cardio, or flexibility?

There’s a damn hell cat on your path, man!

What Does A Recipe for Muscle Mousse Have to Do with A Bunch Of Seemingly Unrelated Things?

MCT Oil is a handy little tool to help you get and stay in the fat burning zone.

What is the biggest knowledge gap between professionals in nutrition & fitness versus mainstream understanding?

Nutrition Guru Hell is a place reserved for purveyors of nostrums, snake-oil, quacks and con artists.