Why do anabolics appear to target more effectively the shoulders and traps?

The reason for this odd distribution and peculiar state of things has yet to be elucidated.

What fraction of body mass do you actually lift when doing a normal push-up?

Well, just about 56% of your total body mass is lifted in a push-up.

Why Squats Are A Desert Island Exercise: A Little Story.

“Through one thing, know 10,000 things.”

Which Training Schedule is Best: Whole Body, Split-Routine or Single-Body-Part?

The right answer to the question will probably depend on how long you’ve been training and what stage of development you’re at.

What Exactly Is a Personal Trainer Supposed To Do For Me?

Quality is a matter of paramount importance for your consideration because quality will vary, considerably.

Eat The Whole Thing.

oh, all the wasted opportunities…

I Want To Do Some Bodybuilding. Are Supplements Really Necessary?

The right tools for the job at hand always helps.

Training In The Gym: What Are The Most Neglected Muscles?

Well, back in The Day when there was a little more attention paid to the principles of aesthetics…

Which is Best: Flat or Incline Bench Press for Pec Development?

The lifting of weights is not a passive hoary old tradition steeped in myth and superstition, it is a dynamic and fluid activity of aggression and imagination.

My Friends tell me that, after a certain age, it is pointless to try to maintain muscle mass, let alone gain it. Fact or fiction?

…that day will not be today or tomorrow…and with any luck…no time soon.