Lift Heavy Or Go Light?

To really know the nature of an animal that lives in the jungle…you’ve got to first take a walk in the jungle.

How many surplus calories should I be eating to gain lean muscle only & 0% fat?

There are ways and means to minimise the gaining of fat during periods of caloric surplus.

Does Arnold’s Encyclopaedia Still Work In This Day and Age?

This book is the spiritual & iconic equivalent of driving cross country in an old, dependable-as-hell 1986 Cadillac with a $100 in your pocket and not a care in the world.

How Much Muscle Do Women Really Find Attractive?

So, go ahead, go get some nice muscles. Not because you think that they will give you the upper hand in matters of the heart…

I want to be Lean & Mean. How do I determine the minimum amount of calories on a daily basis required to do this?

The mean bit, we’re going to have to leave that up to you to figure out.

LandMine Squats

Injuries don’t stop you from training, they just make you smarter about how to go about it.

What fraction of body mass do I actually lift when performing a normal push-up?

Dear Mrs. Beeson, I do regret deeply all the wasted opportunities spent ditching your high school Latin & Physics classes.

What Happens When You Do 200+ Squats A Day.

It lifts you out of the safe, boring straight-jacketed world of mind-numbing mundanities, for sure.

Why Squats Are A Desert Island Exercise, Why It’s Enough Just To Use Them To Build Your Legs And A Little Story.

You are on your dream cruise to a faraway desert island. The ship hits a rock. You’re going down fast. You only have time to take one exercise.

How Often To Train Legs?

The logic behind this strategy is that it optimally balances the need for rest and recovery with training frequency emphasizing lower body development.