How Can I Work On My Stamina, Endurance & Put on Some Buff at the Same Time? You Know, Just Like Rocky.

How do you do it, when you want to do it all?

Yo, Homie! Motivate Me!!!

Motivation, what exactly is it, anyway? It’s just the gold dust on alien fairies’ wings.

Hormone Replacement Therapy, Keep Your Mind Open & Never Say Die.

Remember, Mama Nature is more concerned with preserving your gene line than She is of preserving you.

Which food source of protein is easiest to digest?

While food processing technology is commonly considered the devil’s handmaiden, mischievously compounding a whole cornucopia of health and environmental havoc with its modern host of Frankenfoods, sometimes it does manage to furnish the discriminating consumer with useful solutions.

I want to spend as much time fasting as possible. Could I still put on muscle by just allowing myself a 2-3 hour eating window?

What to do if you want to gain muscle but not spend much time eating?

After bulking up, how do you cut without losing muscle?

You don’t, you just try to lose more fat than muscle tissue on the way down.

Why do people who don’t train seem to think it’s pretty easy to get muscles and hard to lose them? I think what they think is just dumb.

The opposite of hypertrophy is atrophy and it is much easier to reverse muscular hypertrophy than to instigate it.

Liftin’ Heavy Iron Ups Yo Test & Make You Buff, Right?

There is not a simple association between lifting heavy weights and increased testosterone.

Cryo-solutions To Augment Post Session Growth. Good or Bad?

Ice baths, cold showers, compresses may be exhilarating, reduce post training pain, but probably achieve this at a cost.

Everybody Tells Me That It’s Better To Eat and Train After I Wake Up as Early in the Morning as Possible and I’m A Loser If I Don’t Do As They Say.

Well, sometimes everybody’s just a damned nincompoop.