Is a lack of sleep related to muscle hypertrophy?

In the last couple of decades the amount of knowledge that we have accumulated with regard to the significance and profundity of the effects of sleep (or the lack of it) on the brain and body is staggering.

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Hiring a trainer is a lot of hassle and expensive. Why should I do it? Can’t I just read and do research on how to get fit?

Knowledge that you can’t apply or don’t know what to do with isn’t knowledge, it’s just for fun

Everybody Tells Me That It’s Better To Eat and Train After I Wake Up as Early in the Morning as Possible and I’m A Loser If I Don’t Do As They Say.

Well, sometimes everybody’s just a damned nincompoop.

Paul J’s Story: You Begin Where You Start And Then Just Work Like The Devil To Get From There.

The gym has been a new thing for me this year and I’ve seen marked changes in my physiology and improvements in strength, power output and comfort on the bike because of it.

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5 Idle Questions for Mr. Mike

Being fit is a valuable resource pool & impacts every part of my life, my job and my hobbies.

MR. B’S Story

“To say that Alex and Bodyworks have completely changed my life for the better would be an understatement.”