When doing deadlifts why do some people drop the barbell?

Why indeed?

I’ve been diagnosed with idiopathic scoliosis. I have a 6.25 curvature in my spine. Is weightlifting dangerous for me?

You can work around pretty much anything.

SQUATS: Full Vs. Half

Pros and Cons of going full or half a**ed!

What are core exercises and what are some good ones?

Core exercises often are difficult, relatively complex, involve multiple joints and multiple muscle groups

How Many Times A Week To Deadlift & Squat?

What happens when you think it’s right in the short term, but forget the Long Game?

I’m 60+. People my age are already checking into old age homes. Can I still be fit? How fit?

Nature wants to write you off. On the other hand, you may have alternate plans.

Are deadlifts actually that important for a wide and thick back?

Payoff vs. Risk?

Some Thoughts About Deadlifts & Squats

Both exercises are phenomenal, in measured doses, but potentially devastating, if pushed too far.

LandMine Squats

Injuries don’t stop you from training, they just make you smarter about how to go about it.

If You Want To Get Buffed Without Eating Animals, How Do You Calculate Total Protein Intake From Incomplete Protein Sources?

It’s Not As Difficult As Dr. Oz Would Have Us Believe.