Is it possible to build muscle at 45 years old?

Yes, sure. Of course it is. Don’t be silly.

How Many Times A Week To Deadlift & Squat?

What happens when you think it’s right in the short term, but forget the Long Game?

Does cooking with Whey Protein ruin it?

What is protein powder really good for, other than to drink it?

What is the difference between making 50 pull ups in 1 hour and doing 50 pull ups throughout the day?

Fitness is not just one measurable quantity, you see, but a collection of them.

Can you build muscle doing high rep sets for example sets of 15 to 20 reps?

What the actual optimal training range with regard to sets and reps is an individual matter.

What muscles does the dumbbell pullover target?

Old Skool? Is often good school.

Is one’s metabolism a factor in determining the rate at which results from weight lifting are experienced?

So, while you have to play the genetic hand of cards that you’ve been dealt, you always have some interesting options

What happens to you if you don’t drink enough water while taking creatine?

It’s not gonna kill you.

Some people say that you can use the power of the mind to lose weight. Is this possible?

As long as that power of thought is shrewdly accompanied by action, why not?

Do heavy weights with low reps build as much muscle as lower weights with higher reps?

Who and what are we to believe?