What is the story with organic contaminants in our food?

And you thought you were eating “clean”, huh?

Is there a single food that you can survive indefinitely on?

Man does not live by bread alone.

What Mistakes Do Most Trainers Make When They First Start Out @ The Gym?

Starting out at the gym is often an adventure into strange territory.

Question: Barbell Rows or Single arm Dumbbell Rows to work the lats & upper back muscles over a full range of motion?

Dynamics of the Alt. DB Row tend to make you play it a little more honest.

What is the best method for breaking up scar tissue after knee surgery?

Injury rehab is a tricky business.

I find that a bath after hard training helps me recover. But a hot bath makes my heart race. Why?

Lots of things happen when you slide into that piping hot tub.

I’ve heard a lot about mTOR and how it builds muscle. What supplements do I use to boost it?

If you find a supplement that successfully boosts mTOR, you will certainly boost cell proliferation.

Deadlift: Barbell or Dumbbells?

First, try to define what you expect or want to achieve with he exercise.

Why do testosterone levels fall after age 30?

Although Mother Nature might be finished with you around 30, you’d probably like to stick around and try to have some fun, anyways.

How Do You Decide Which Protein Powder To Use?

How do you decide which to buy? That’s a hard question. Let’s first answer an easier one.