Cooking with Virgin Olive Oil (VOO) is the way to go for Bodybuilders, Health & Fitness People, right?

Like revenge, it’s best served cold.

Amateur Keto Cookery PT. 2. Why You Should Do It.

So, dieting is hard and being fat is easier?

What are core exercises and what are some good ones?

Core exercises often are difficult, relatively complex, involve multiple joints and multiple muscle groups

Should you carry out some form of training every day?

It will enable you to be happier just being alive.

When should I do flexibility/stretch training?

If you’re gonna do it, give it some respect and take it seriously.

HMB: What Is It? Does It Work? Should I Use It?

Alex takes a stab at answering one of those shotgun-type of questions that he doesn’t care too much for.

Time Restricted Feeding/Fasting and The Keto Diet.

Timing is everything!

How do you stay accountable to yourself with exercise?


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Is it possible to build muscle at 45 years old?

Yes, sure. Of course it is. Don’t be silly.