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The Hanging Leg Raise


Exercise #8 in our Dirty Dozen Exercise Blueprint Video Series a collection of short video demos of some exercises that you may have ignored, been afraid to use, or simply just didn’t know were here but will definitely pay some fitness dividends, should you choose to add them to your existing routine.

Double Pulley Biceps Curl

Double Pulley Biceps Curl: A Quick Introduction

Tired of doing the same biceps exercise that everyone else does? Fancy “loading the guns” from a different angle? Try this signature exercise on for size!

Paramount Rotary Torso

Abs workout at Bodyworks Gym Guernsey



We Have A Lot of Kit…


BodyWorks has everything you will need to get you fit…and some.

Here at BodyWorks we have a lot of kit. You might say that we are a fitness training equipment connoisseur’s delight!

Lots of Functional items, free weights and space to use them.

Lots of Functional items, free weights and space to use them.

We have Muscle and Strength Equipment to target & isolate every muscle (there are about 650 of them) in the human body to enable you build the physique of your dreams. We have Strength Equipment to help build incredible strength and power. Thousands and thousands of kilograms of free weights, bars, benches, kettle bells, Isolateral machines (used in strength and fitness training to work one particular side of the body at a time rather than trying to train both sides at once), plate-loaded devices, stack-loaded equipment, functional training, abdominal, flexibility and specialty equipment.

We have equipment to improve your urban defence skills.

We have equipment to improve your urban defence skills.

We have Boxing & Kickboxing equipment to make you fast and deadly (one of the main features here at BodyWorks is a raised 20′ Olympic sized Boxing Ring).

We have CardioVascular equipment including Treadmills, CrossTrainers, Stationary Bikes, Rowers & Steppers to give you endurance and help keep you young & healthy.

We also have some fantastic equipment to build a massive chest, an amazing back, stunningly wide shoulders, toned & shaped biceps and triceps or massive arms, should that be your goal. We have things that will build your forearms and improve grip strength. We also have stuff to help you look good on the beach.

We Do Have A Lot Of Kit.

Here At Bodyworks We Do Have A Lot Of Kit.

You could spend years at BodyWorks and still not delve the depths or exhaust the possibilities of the range of equipment that we have on site!

For visual examples check out some of our instructional VIDEOS or photos in the GALLERY.

Why not drop us a line with your comments & questions, or feel free to contact us for more detailed information or to arrange a chat & tour of the gym?

....and more kit...

….and more kit…

....and still more...

….and still more…

...more kit...

…a wide variety of kit…

Links We Like

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Cast out upon a perilous sea of misrepresentation, misinformation and just general omnipresent bullshit, we offer up a little life raft & survival kit of links. We consider these sources to be relatively reliable places to go for good info. They display enough integrity to help keep your head above the mendacious waves threatening to drown you and at a safe distance from annoying con artists who always seem to be on the lookout to screw you for a dime. They will also help skirt self-proclaimed experts suffering from Dunning-Kroeger Syndrome and other assorted noxious wasters of your time.

These sites have served to educate and enlighten us along the way. They are for people who like to read, find out about the WHY & HOW of things and don’t mind getting their noses stuck in a book or two.

We will randomly add links that we find helpful, are of sufficient quality and are more or less there for the taking. We will also delete those links for which we find these qualities no longer applicable.

This page is still under construction and probably will continue to be for the foreseeable future.

Links related to Nutrition & Diet:

  • Think of it as a professional Wikipedia of nutritional knowledge, analysis & information. Comprises scientists, editors, and peer reviewers from multiple academic and research institutions. Originally concerned with acting as a science-based supplementation resource, its growth in popularity has allowed expansion into assessment and analysis of most aspects of nutritional research.
  • The World’s Healthiest Foods  In our opinion, the best recipe and whole food resource on the .net today. Absolutely top-notch.
  • SuppVersity  The line between genius and madness is thin and this bro-science hating blogger skirts it with finesse, aplomb and a critical eye cocked towards the practical issues requiring a keen and inquiring mind.

Links related to Exercise, Training & Related Strategies:

  • Muscle Talk an archive of often interesting and sometimes reasonable information relating (mostly) to resistance training and strategies for hypertrophy.
  • Getting Stronger  Why getting fit ain’t easy and shouldn’t be. Haven’t a clue what Hormesis is and why you should care? Here’s the place to find out.

Links related to Pain, Injury & Rehabilitation Strategies:

  • PainScience an incredible 2-decade long labour of love, significantly resourced with hard-headed and practical science-powered advice from a clued-up Vancouver-based science science writer by the name of Paul Ingraham. I’ll let him explain it to you:

The science of aches and pains and injuries is surprisingly weird, controversial, and interesting. My job is to understand and translate that science for patients and professionals, about 35,000 of you each day, viewing about 1.4 million pages/month. I try to make it friendlier than the institutional health care sites, but more scholarly and detailed than most health blogs. I emphasise self-help for the patient, but many professionals come here too — because who doesn’t like clear, simple language about complex problems?”

About The Guy In Charge.


A major part of what BodyWorks is. The feel of the place and how it got that way is the culmination of  an evolutionary process that has spanned several continents, involved a large portion of the life of one man and the transcendence of his beginnings.

Alex is an experienced professional. He is extensively trained in wide array of fields, accumulating almost 40 years of practical experience, professional qualification and reasonable amounts of tacit knowledge along the way.

alex 2

Background & Qualifications:

Alex Anderson is a member in good standing of the American College of Sports Medicine, professional member of the National Strength Coaches Association and a lifetime member of NABBA, the National Amateur Bodybuilding Association. He is a certified NABBA Weight Training Instructor as well as a registered American College of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer (ACSM is the Gold Standard in Fitness Training credentials) and holds a British Combat Association Level I Self Defence Instructor Certification. He is certified in the administration, use and interpretation of genetic testing protocols and their application to real world training and nutrition outcomes. He is a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner and a Qualified Nutritionist. He also spent a couple of years as a fitness instructor for the U.S. Army’s Ranger Indoctrination Programme (RIP) at Scofield Barracks, Hawaii. RIP prepped American soldiers prior to moving them on to Fort Benning, GA  for Airborne Training and Ranger School (Ranger Regiment has been called the “toughest combat course in the world”).

Alex Anderson is a highly motivated individual and takes the business of fitness seriously. He still travels along the rough terrain, down a path started long ago. He began training with weights in 1976 at the time a small gym called Gold’s on 2nd Street in Santa Monica. His main goal was perfectly simple: he was in bad shape, had some health issues and needed a way to help him get out of this situation.

Mr. Britain Competition, Blackpool Opera House

Mr. Britain Competition, Blackpool Opera House

Even now, more than 40 years later, he still maintains a rigorous training schedule, ensuring that his own fitness level remains at a personally set high standard. With age, Alex finds complacency discouraging and dangerous. His strategy to avoid this state of mind is a continual programme of challenges. Learning, experimenting, making mistakes, correcting them and moving on to the next set of survival challenges that life never ceases to present to those who acknowledge them. This seems to him to be a worthwhile and reasonable way to spend some time.



NABBA Mr. Britain Competition.

NABBA Mr. Britain Competition, Blackpool, England.

Alex Anderson had 10 years of training under his belt before he entered his first competition, the 1986 Mr. Los Angeles held at the old Olympic Auditorium (famous for hosting some great fights and countless WWF matches).

A phase of fiercely competitive bodybuilding stretching out over another 10 years ensued, resulting in a significant quiver of trophies in over 20 events from the mainland USA to Hawaii to England and the Channel Islands.

He is the only IFBB Channel Islands Champion. He was and 3 times NABBA Mr. Channel Islands ,as well as The 1995 Overall Manchester Open Heavyweight Champion.


Mr. C. I. 2

Education & Experience:

Alex was born in 1958 in La Jolla, California, graduated from Santa Monica College and attended the University of California. He trained for many years at Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach and has been living, training, building and running gyms in Guernsey since 1991.

Alex Anderson brings a unique collection of benchmark technical, psychological and motivational skills to the Health, Wellness and Fitness Training table. He can act as a guide through the sometimes daunting jungle of conflicting information to facilitate and maximise progress towards any health & fitness deadline or goal, no matter how ambitious or demanding it may be. Although not a physiotherapist, he has spent much time dealing with and creatively solving some very difficult injury related issues, both for himself and his clients.

He has over 35 years of extensive practical and theoretical knowledge in Nutrition, Diet and Supplementation. He uses the most modern and scientific testing methods available to assess and design exactly the right diet and training programme for you as a unique individual, including the  fglogo-small DNA testing systems. He brings his unique knowledge and experience to bear on each individual health and fitness issue, utilising in his training technique a vast array of concepts and tools, both old school and new.

Alex can assist you in applying these basic competencies to help positively influence your health, fitness, wellbeing and performance outcomes.


Rehabilitation, Acute and Chronic injury Prevention & Management :

Along with the demands of owning and operating a busy gym, work commitments and personal projects, Alex still apportions a significant amount of his time to Personal Training, thoroughly enjoying this part of his career. He has also become interested and reasonably competent in sports rehabilitation and injury management in recent years. Acquiring new skills in these areas resulted from the demands of dealing with some issues of his own as well as from the requests of active clients who desire to stay active in spite of various physical injuries or chronic conditions.

If you are interested in learning what true professional personal fitness training can do for you, please make contact to schedule an appointment to come in to discuss and assess your health and fitness requirements, aspirations and goals.

We hope to see you soon.

BodyWorks Tyre Lift



An Inconsequential Ode to Coffee and the Timing of It.



Coffee, it’s a no-brainer. There are nutritional experts and health gurus out there who will inform you that it’s deadlier than strychnine and kills more people than cancer. Oh really? You probably do more damage to your health by waking up in the morning without a cup of joe than with one. This brown liquid is the most used and consumed stimulant on earth.

When taken in moderation, coffee has many life enhancing properties and exerts lots of beneficial effects on both the body & brain. But try, I suppose, and you can convince some gullible gormf of just about anything. Take caffeine  in a large enough quantities or time it badly and you might conceivably do some damage. It is like a liquid sword cutting both ways, if you decide to swing it around wildly enough.

But what it really is, is this: a keen sharpener of the mind, a lifter of mood, an increaser of metabolic rate (great for any muscle building and fat burning activity) and one of the most potent natural sources of anti-oxidants available. It is also a material with such unique properties that even lab rats get frisky when a fresh brewed cup is wafting it’s magical aroma around the lab.

Timing Your Cup

So when should you consume this marvellous beverage to maximise its positive benefits and minimise the chance of interference with sleep patterns?

During the times of the day when your CORTISOL ( levels peak (see graph below). Basically, in the morning and after lunch.



Which makes intuitive sense and is probably when most people do, anyway.

And by avoiding consumption when cortisol is minimal, you will be using this tasty and useful beverage optimally.

That’s it.

Just Back From California…

We’re back in Guernsey–after 2 weeks picking up the good vibrations in Los Angeles and all points further North along the California Coastline.

It’s been 15 years since we were last back home and it was all sun, fun and some stunning scenery on the drive from LA up the Coast,   Big Sur and the Redwood Forest areas were spectacular in particular.

We spent a fascinating day at UCLA’s famed EMDR (Exercise and Metabolic Disease Research Laboratory) finding out just what we were made of, exactly how many Kcals it took us to maintain our bodies and just what the composition of those Kcals we burned keeping all the machinery working was.


Winding up the 2000 mile tour We drove 2000 miles up to Oregon and back down through some of the most breathtakingly stunning real estate that the United States has on offer

Gold's was where we started training in 1976, back when it was located on 2nd Street in Santa Monica.

Gold’s was where we started training in 1976, back when it was located on 2nd Street in Santa Monica.

, winding it all up in Marina Del Rey and Venice Beach again. It was also great to get some training time back in the Mecca of Bodybuilding, Gold’s Gym.

We broadened our minds, enriched our souls, replentished our dwindled reserves of inspiration & motivation and ate far too many carbohydrates.

What will the outcome of our soulful adventure be?

Watch out for some interesting developments at BodyWorks and on our website in the near future!

9 Weeks To The Beach Update

9 Weeks To The Beach Weekly Update

Weight: 89.0Kg / Body Fat: 11.3%

5 1/2 Weeks In
3 1/2 Weeks To Go…

Challenge Diary Excerpt:

Summary: Finishing up Week 5, Phase 4, 2nd Low-Carb Cycle. Body Fat % still dropping nicely. Weight a little lighter than I would like, but stable. Strength Levels OK and Energy Levels Good.

Total Drop In Body Fat: 5.6 % (equiv. 5.3kg pure fat).
Total Drop in Body Weight: 4.4 kg (equiv. 0.9kg muscle gain).

So, considering that my main goal here was fat loss, the addition of almost a kilo of muscle is a pleasant surprise.

11-May-14 (Front)

Starting to shape up and looking forward to working on that California Tan.

Current training consists of 50-60 minutes of Cardio 4-5 X/Week and Split Routine of 1 body part daily. I never mix CV work with Resistance Training in the same session, if I can’t do these activities on separate days, I try to work in as many hours as possible in between these two forms of training.

Very excited about introducing and applying the concepts from these experienced-based results to the Lean Degree Course curriculum and using them to help the students achieve their goals.

11-May-14 (Profile)

Left profile shot, making progress.


The goal is to go sub 10% BF and be above 90kg body weight. Something tells me that squeezing out that last 1% is going to be murder.


It’s a Mechanism for Change & a Tool for Survival

This little video will serve as an intro for those who haven’t visited us yet…and further inspiration for those who have.

BODYWORKS is a multifaceted training environment. It provides an atmosphere that actions progress and facilitates development.

We see BODYWORKS as a plate that serves up many things to many people. We provide the tools and supply an atmosphere that will action development, encourage progress and enable a customer to achieve an ambitious goal or complete the most far reaching of plans.