BodyWorks: Be No Weakling

Landmine Squat

Well, what can we say about the Landline Squat…other than it is the “Dirtiest of the Dirty” Dozen & a real Kick-A** exercise to help push the lower body muscles like the glutes, hams & quads to their maximum.

Workout video at Bodyworks Gym Guernsey

Lat Machine

Build “Wings” wide enough to fly with, without putting the lower back in jeopardy.

Iso Leg Extension

The iso-lateral leg extension will quickly and efficiently build and strengthen the quads.

Reverse Hyper Extension

A difficult, unpopular exercise that can quickly prove its worth!

In the accompanying commentary, I say that the main focus of this exercise is the obliques, which isn’t entirely true. The erector spine muscles are also put under very heavy stress by this movement.

It is, in effect core movement, with a lot of potential for bodybuilders, but not just for bodybuilding. Many other athletes will gain benefits from the judicious use of this machine.

The Paramount Pullover

Ah! The Paramount Pullover another “proper old school” movement that gym users often overlook or neglect. A great multi-functional, core based exercise. Hitting the lats, rhomboids, teres, intercostals, serratus & abdominals. Gives a pretty good stretch too.

Demo Video from our #DirtyDozenVideoSeries filmed at Bodyworks Fitness Centre Guernsey

Dirty Dozen #9: The Paramount PULLOVER

Ah! The Paramount Pullover another “old school” movement  that gym users often overlook or neglect. A great multi-functional, core based exercise. Hitting the lats, rhomboids, teres, intercostals, serratus & abdominals. Gives a pretty good stretch too.

Steve’s Story

Alex’s commentsI first met Steve Chauvel in 2007 when he strolled through the doors of the old premises. Back then, I think he was working as a chef and looked like a good one who probably liked to eat what he cooked. He joined the gym, unfortunately he only maintained membership for a few months before giving it up.

A few years later, Bodyworks had moved to its present location, we met again. It looked as if Steve had changed jobs, discovered tattoos and developed a taste for heavy metal (as in Metallica).

You could tell that he hadn’t trained in a while. Although, what you could also determine, if you looked closely enough, was that something else had changed. He now seemed to be sporting a different mind-set. Steve now seemed to have something specific in mind and he meant business.

That is exactly what he did.

He got in and down to business.

These photos serve as evidence of his journey and testimony to his progress.

Before, middle & after selfies. It’s pretty clear which is which. Steve’s progress was rapid, consistent and inexorable.                                                 


Profile: Steve

Age– 35

Occupation – Insurance Manager (Desk Job)

Interests – Archery, Cooking, Music (esp. Heavy Metal), Tattoos

Starting Weight -13.7 stone (86kg @ approximately 30% body fat).

Present Weight – 11 stone (70kg @ 12% body fat).

Member of Bodyworks: 24 months.

Steve’s thoughts on BodyWorks

“From the second you walk in it boosts your mood, confidence and positivity whether its busy or quiet. The shop is well equipped and Alex will always give great advice and steer you to the right product.”


“Bodyworks came around at the perfect time for me and has helped me to progress in the direction I want to go in. It has all the equipment and tools you could ever wish for. It is a continual learning curve. I can also say that I couldn’t have come as far without the help and support from Alex, who would answer any questions I had, give helpful advice which I then put to good use.

I also have to mention the other gym members who are also willing to give great advice and help, there is also a feeling of camaraderie and feeling welcomed. I can also say my partner Zoe (my partner) feels the same, even though we are on different journeys and have different goals.

I look forward to pumping iron, asking questions, developing my body and improving my mind at Bodyworks.Looking forward to seeing more changes in the months and years ahead.

Without Bodyworks I wouldn’t be walking this walk or talking this talk…nor would I have met new people, done new things, worn the new clothes or have the confidence I do now.”

UPDATE 19 April 2017

It’s been awhile since we last visited with Steve. He’s made some changes to his training schedule and now trains in the early morning because it suits him better to get it done, showered and out to the ‘9-5’ that he works at in order to pay his bills .

So, we don’t catch up with him as often as we used to. But as the photos below attest, he’s made serious progress.

So we asked him for an update to his status and to let us know how his training is going:

Just to say that I have the hunger more than ever. Nutrition is improving and evolving as well as food timings. Training is a mix of strength, power, endurance and conditioning at the moment. Still love the style and vibe of the gym, couldn’t imagine training elsewhere. Atmosphere still gets the blood pumping even at 5:30 am. Still looking to add weight and size, going up slowly and steady. The gym is there through tough times and good times and will always be a constant.

Marcus’ Story

Marcus is a competitive cyclist who takes the chosen sport of Bicycle Racing very seriously and uses the gym to augment an already rigorous training regimen. He has been a member of BODYWORKS for most of his adult life and throughout the gym’s evolution, many incarnations and rebuilds over the last 20 years.

BEFORE I have always kept a relatively low body fat level, due in a large part to a high volume of endurance training. (early November 2014)

I have always kept a fairly low level of Body Fat. When I began this dietary experiment, I was about 5kg heavier  than when I ended it. (This photo early November 2014).

AFTER:  A 4% drop in body fat resulting in a more densely muscled & defined physique. (December 2014)

Although 5kg. lighter, a 4% drop in body fat resulted in a more densely muscled & defined looking physique that made me look large.
(mid-December 2014)









Basic Profile: MARCUS

Date of birth – 20.02.1972

Occupation – Self employed landscape gardener

Interests – Cycling, working out, cars


I first met Alex in the early 90’s when he was gym instructor at the MOT centre at Beau Sejour. A short time after he went on to establish a small but hardcore gym at the Corbett Field site, of which I became a member. Really loved working out there, had a proper ‘old school’ feel about the place. The gym then relocated to Lowlands Industrial Estate with a much bigger and better equipped gym, and huge array of top class equipment, i.e. free weights, machines and for the first time, cardio equipment.

The last few years has seen the Bodyworks gym move to its present location, which caters for everyone’s needs. Each incarnation of Bodyworks seems to get better!

One of the great things about Bodyworks is that it’s a very personal experience; each member is treated as an individual rather than a number, which is often the case in a more ‘generic’ type gym.

I have trained consistently at Alex’s gyms, since their inception, two or three times a week without fail, and always have great workouts as I know I will be working out with like-minded people in a place where self-motivation is one of the key words. If you can’t get results at Bodyworks, you won’t get results anywhere.

About Alex

Well, I’ve known him for over 20 years, and consider him a good friend. He is always happy to offer knowledge and experience to anyone who asks, and is always willing to listen to both sides of a discussion, and greatly appreciates feedback about the gym and will offer up ideas to members for future improvements.

Keto Diet & Training Regimen

this section concerns a period of low-carbohydrate dieting & rigorous training lasting about 4 weeks.

In early November 2014, following lengthy discussions with Alex, I commenced a month-long Keto style diet (high fat, low carbs) as an experiment to see what effect it would have on someone who participates in endurance type sports. The goal was to see if I could continue training as an endurance athlete on minimal carb intake and to see what effect, if any, it would have. Although I did not see any significant improvement in my athletic endurance, I put in some punishing and rewarding sessions on both the bike and in the gym, culminating in a 130km training ride on 30 November 2014. This is something that I didn’t think would be achievable at the start of the experiment. As an aside from the endurance aspect, it also enabled me to lose in the region of 4% of my body fat.

The Kneeling Leg Curl

There is always something new, radical and interesting that you can do to improve your legs.

Legs are the rock-solid foundation upon which rests your entire physique. Nothing looks better than a great pair of them walking down the street, languidly perched atop a pair of shiny stiletto heels riding just below a short skirt or running happily along the soft, sun-drenched sands on a sandy tropical beach. How and why people get bored with and avoid training them, we just can’t figure out.

Whether you are targeting your Hams, Quads, Glutes, Adductors, Abductors, Hip Flexors or Extenders-we should always have something in our bag of tricks to do hit them from a different angle, hit them hard and shape them to what we will.

At Bodyworks we like to innovate. We really never get tired of fiddling around, adding to and expanding on our Leg routine repertoire & functionality. So with that in mind, we would like to present here for your viewing pleasure The Kneeling Leg Curl, the most recent instalment in our Dirty Dozen Video Series. It is a phenomenal leg exercise to add to your current routine and enhance those “show muscles.”

We hope that you will enjoy this little video and find it useful.

What is BodyWorks For?


BODYWORKS offers up a unique mixture of old school atmosphere, philosophy & motivation infused with new school technology, technique & knowledge.

Here’s the starry-eyed, fanboy view of the gym:

It is about an idea made real. It was always about an idea made real. Flesh & blood & sweat & toil. It takes a lot of good old-fashioned hard work and guts to make a place this good. This is a place that has space and light and lots of tools, really good tools to get healthy and fit with. You can sense a tingle of electricity when you walk through the door. It is a structure  for people to come and not feel bored, claustrophobic or cramped in, a place to train happily, productively and achieve results in.  A place built to purpose.

Bodyworks is a chrome & steel environment that will encourage you to recognize your own potential and reach for it. It’s description lies somewhere between well kitted workshop and fitness laboratory where you can tinker, experiment, build & develop whatever your fitness goal may be-no matter how simple, ambitious or far reaching it is.

It’s a place to choose your dreams, chase them down and make them real; to fashion yourself into what you were not before.

Here’s The No-Nonsense, Nuts n Bolts Info For Practical Use:

If BodyWorks is about anything, its about a toolbox for finding new ways and means to avoid mediocrity, decrepitude, overcome limitations and make whatever you were born with better and stronger.

BodyWorks has been running non-stop 24/7 in Guernsey in one form or another since 1 January, 1994. Where is Guinness’s Book when you need them, huh?

The present BodyWorks, now in its 3rd decade of operation and in it’s most recent incarnation, opened for business on 15th of October, 2012 and is located on the 1st floor of the Newlands Building, Lowlands Industrial Estate, Vale, Guernsey GY3 5XJ.

BodyWorks operates on a 24/7 schedule and we do this in a way that is rather unique. Please make contact with us to schedule an appointment to discuss your goals, fitness requirements, view the facilities, see how it all works and how it can work for you.

Contact us via email, telephone or FaceBook and then come down and have a look around.