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Just Back From California…

We’re back in Guernsey–after 2 weeks picking up the good vibrations in Los Angeles and all points further North along the California Coastline.

It’s been 15 years since we were last back home and it was all sun, fun and some stunning scenery on the drive from LA up the Coast,   Big Sur and the Redwood Forest areas were spectacular in particular.

We spent a fascinating day at UCLA’s famed EMDR (Exercise and Metabolic Disease Research Laboratory) finding out just what we were made of, exactly how many Kcals it took us to maintain our bodies and just what the composition of those Kcals we burned keeping all the machinery working was.


Winding up the 2000 mile tour We drove 2000 miles up to Oregon and back down through some of the most breathtakingly stunning real estate that the United States has on offer

Gold's was where we started training in 1976, back when it was located on 2nd Street in Santa Monica.

Gold’s was where we started training in 1976, back when it was located on 2nd Street in Santa Monica.

, winding it all up in Marina Del Rey and Venice Beach again. It was also great to get some training time back in the Mecca of Bodybuilding, Gold’s Gym.

We broadened our minds, enriched our souls, replentished our dwindled reserves of inspiration & motivation and ate far too many carbohydrates.

What will the outcome of our soulful adventure be?

Watch out for some interesting developments at BodyWorks and on our website in the near future!

9 Weeks To The Beach Update

9 Weeks To The Beach Weekly Update

Weight: 89.0Kg / Body Fat: 11.3%

5 1/2 Weeks In
3 1/2 Weeks To Go…

Challenge Diary Excerpt:

Summary: Finishing up Week 5, Phase 4, 2nd Low-Carb Cycle. Body Fat % still dropping nicely. Weight a little lighter than I would like, but stable. Strength Levels OK and Energy Levels Good.

Total Drop In Body Fat: 5.6 % (equiv. 5.3kg pure fat).
Total Drop in Body Weight: 4.4 kg (equiv. 0.9kg muscle gain).

So, considering that my main goal here was fat loss, the addition of almost a kilo of muscle is a pleasant surprise.

11-May-14 (Front)

Starting to shape up and looking forward to working on that California Tan.

Current training consists of 50-60 minutes of Cardio 4-5 X/Week and Split Routine of 1 body part daily. I never mix CV work with Resistance Training in the same session, if I can’t do these activities on separate days, I try to work in as many hours as possible in between these two forms of training.

Very excited about introducing and applying the concepts from these experienced-based results to the Lean Degree Course curriculum and using them to help the students achieve their goals.

11-May-14 (Profile)

Left profile shot, making progress.


The goal is to go sub 10% BF and be above 90kg body weight. Something tells me that squeezing out that last 1% is going to be murder.


It’s a Mechanism for Change & a Tool for Survival

This little video will serve as an intro for those who haven’t visited us yet…and further inspiration for those who have.

BODYWORKS is a multifaceted training environment. It provides an atmosphere that actions progress and facilitates development.

We see BODYWORKS as a plate that serves up many things to many people. We provide the tools and supply an atmosphere that will action development, encourage progress and enable a customer to achieve an ambitious goal or complete the most far reaching of plans.

Press Coverage

I’ve spent most of my life in the Fitness Trade, in a lot of different roles, wearing a lot of different hats: starting out as a very unfit & fat high school kid looking for a way out, fitness trainer, nutritionist, competitive bodybuilder, to my current role as a gym owner and a populariser of better lifestyle choices.

I’ve probably had far more time in the gym than out of it. It has always been a very useful tool for me with which to sort most things out and a way to leverage discipline that can usually be applied to the wide variety of problems that life has a habit of pitching at you.

So, it is a rather nice thing to see an article in the Press today touching a little on the useful & practical aspects for the public of a more active and healthier lifestyle.





Diary excerpt.

Beginning of Week 3. Now the hard stuff starts: the KETOGENIC PHASE, the next two weeks will be unpleasant, because one of the great pleasures in life is carbohydrates, but necessary.

15 April

For full glycemic control, it is vital to keep training intensity at a fairly high level in order to maintain muscle mass and avoid promoting insulin resistance. So some serious mental toughness is a requirement during this phase, although it’s a little like stepping down on the accelerator with a big red E showing on the fuel gauge.

1.5 Weeks in…

Today’s 9 WEEKS TO THE BEACH challenge photos to accompany the recent stats. 1 1/2 weeks in, 7 1/2 weeks to go

Week 2

Side view, some definition starting to show. Upper chest improvement

Week 2

2nd week in, we can start to see a glimmer of abdominal rectus muscles appearing. Still carrying a lot of fat on the lower abs and oblique areas.

The 9 weeks challenge & diet…

You don’t need to starve yourself or have a dull breakfast, even if you are coming along with me on my 9 Weeks to the Beach journey! All Ingredients Sourced Locally (except for the avocado and Organic Fair Trade Coffee). About 20 minutes prep. & eat time, used an electric whisk to blend some of the ingredients into the eggs.



3 Large Free Range Eggs Omlette (Organic Red Onion, Lowfat Cheddar Cheese, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Avocado & Organic Water Cress). 1 Slice German Rye and handmade humus spread Organic Kale, Spinach, Courgette and Beef Steak Tomato garnishments.

Before Photos


Before Photos


Before photos to accompany yesterday’s little challenge as requested by a few of our audience.

Sheesh! We do have some work to do. It’s pushing 18 years since I tried anything remotely like this, so youth isn’t exactly on my side…

Luckily knowledge, cunning & experience are.

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