BodyWorks: Just Get Fit.

Horizontal Calf Machine

A unique way to hit those difficult muscles that you forgot were down below your knees.

The Hack Squat

A safe and effective back-supported addition or alternative to the conventional Barbell Squat.

Paramount Pec Dec

#12 instalment in the Bodyworks Dirty Dozen Video Series. The Paramount Pec Dec. A solid machine for defining and shaping the chest.

Hammer high pulley

This exercise will put a new twist on the traditional standard pulldown movement.

Hanging Leg Raise

Want abs sharp enough to cut your way through swaths of beach babes & deep enough to scrub your clothes on? Try this baby out!

Landmine Squat

Well, what can we say about the Landline Squat…other than it is the “Dirtiest of the Dirty” Dozen & a real Kick-A** exercise to help push the lower body muscles like the glutes, hams & quads to their maximum.

Workout video at Bodyworks Gym Guernsey

Lat Machine

Build “Wings” wide enough to fly with, without putting the lower back in jeopardy.

Iso Leg Extension

The iso-lateral leg extension will quickly and efficiently build and strengthen the quads.

Reverse Hyper Extension

A difficult, unpopular exercise that can quickly prove its worth!

In the accompanying commentary, I say that the main focus of this exercise is the obliques, which isn’t entirely true. The erector spine muscles are also put under very heavy stress by this movement.

It is, in effect core movement, with a lot of potential for bodybuilders, but not just for bodybuilding. Many other athletes will gain benefits from the judicious use of this machine.

The Paramount Pullover

Ah! The Paramount Pullover another “proper old school” movement that gym users often overlook or neglect. A great multi-functional, core based exercise. Hitting the lats, rhomboids, teres, intercostals, serratus & abdominals. Gives a pretty good stretch too.

Demo Video from our #DirtyDozenVideoSeries filmed at Bodyworks Fitness Centre Guernsey