We Are Back In Business!


Stage Two:

Gym Re-opening 8 March, 2021

As per our reading of the SOG Guidelines, members wishing to resume using the gym at this point will be required to observe and adhere to the following rules:

  1. Wear the required face covering. Initially, these will be supplied at no extra cost to members for a limited time at the stand to the left of the top entry door, until our present supply runs out;
  2. The strict SOG Hygiene Guidelines available on the Gov.gg site online must be followed at all times;
  3. Using the supplied cleaning products Members will wipe down and properly replace all equipment in their reserved space and not leave anything, including water bottles and personal items like clothing lying about;
  4. In addition to the above, each member will be required to supply their own towel for personal use and maintain the standard 2 meter distancing;
  5. No more than 18 people will be allowed on the premises at one time;
  6. All customers will be required to sign in with time of entry and contact details each time they enter the gym.

Ok, folks that is about all I have from the Bodyworks side of things.

Get back to me with any queries.

All the best and see you on Monday,


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