Do You Need To Cycle Creatine?

A very simple picture of what creatine does.

This is probably the #2 question that I get asked about creatine ( #1 is “Does it really work?”).

This answer applies specifically to Creatine Monohydrate, but can, most probably, be applicable to all othe firms as well.

The answer is “NO”

This is the answer for the following two reasons:

  1. It is not classified as a drug either in the literature or in fact, and therefore does not fundamentally alter metabolism in a way that might create a tolerance level, manifested by a diminishing response over time, that would require you to cycle off to resensitize to its action;
  2. Ultimately, the main factor determining to what degree CM affects you and your response to it depends on a combination of genetic factors.

So, thinking of creatine as a nutrient (or perhaps a food macro), we can see that while cycling it is pointless, using a great deal of it would also not increase its affect serve no purpose in you training scheme.

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