How long after Carpel Tunnel Surgery should you wait before starting to lift again?

Carpel tunnel repair jobs don’t come with lifetime guarantees. This is why much thought needs to be given to the decision of whether to have the operation done or not. The problem itself isn’t solved, but the symptoms are often alleviated by this procedure. There is no guarantee that the symptoms won’t return after you start using your hands again.

Whether an open or endoscopic surgery method is chosen will affect recovery times, as much more tissue damage is sustained with the former technique.

You will probably leave heavy free weight lifting for at least 6 weeks post-op, the longer you leave it, the less risk of sustaining further damage. Your doctor may be careful and prudently suggest a 3-month period. But then, you’ll have to deal with another problem, the muscle atrophy resulting from a longer layoff.

My advice would be to start back slowly with your resistance training using the machines available to you rather than jump right into free weights. Machines, while having some downsides, but allow a more controlled lifting experience, as that surgery will initially leave your wrist in an unstable configuration for quite a while.

As mentioned, the surgery is not magic. Basically, what it does is cut your carpel ligament and probably some tissue to enlarge a space and release some pressure on a nerve.

Remember, that tendon was there for a reason and sniping it doesn’t make your wrist more robust. So, choose wisely.

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