As Covid-19 continues, many people are purchasing home exercise equipment, how will gyms survive?

The vast majority of home gym sales are impulse buys. After a week or a month, the customer realises that he or she has wasted money, is bored and is not much fitter than when they started.

The customer soon decides that if he or she wants to get fit, a gym is where it’s at.

Now, as far as COVid-19 is concerned, here’s where I get a tad controversial:

Authorities will soon come to their senses and realise that the vast majority of the population feels that ”quality of life matters.” To sacrifice one’s well-being, personal freedoms, health (including mental health) and autonomy to avoid the chance of infection isn’t viable, it just won’t work as a long term proposition.

No matter how many terrifying ”COViD is the NEW NORM” reports the media bombards us with…it isn’t. No matter what group of politicians vying for power decides people are sheep and can easily be frightened out of their freedoms, it won’t be…at least, not for any significant length of time.

As long as gyms take reasonable precaution, maintain good hygiene, adopt to necessary governmental demands, provide customer satisfaction and so on….

Gyms are not about to disappear any time soon.

People need them.

Uh-Uh…Not this week.

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