I find myself wanting to eat lots of cheese every single day. Is this normal and what do I do about the unhealthy saturated fats in cheese?

As a matter of fact, I am a cheese addict from way back.

At one sitting, I can easily eat 1/2 Kilo of this highly addictive food.

Interestingly, cheese contains casomorphins, chemicals very akin to, yes you guessed it, opioids. In fact, research suggests that many of the casomorphins are more potent than morphine[1]

Finally, a reason for our cheese lust! We are addicts!

Now, on to the question of:

is this addiction good or bad for us?

Experimental data suggests ambivalence here.

There may be both a ”yes” and ”no” answer to this question.

I suspect the answer will ultimately be along similar lines addressing the potential health benefits of alcohol consumption.

It is probably going depend on the exigencies dictated by your genetic predisposition (some of us can handle saturated fats better than others) and the sheer quantity of this tasty substance that you consume.


cheese addict

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