Myostatin Inhibits Muscle Growth. How Much Creatine Is Needed To Kill Myostatin?

An intriguing question.

However, one assuming a direct correlation between Myostatin Suppression and Creatine supplementation. Surprisingly, with all the interest generated concerning this matter, there is still little proof of it.

I would like to believe that a cheap, relatively safe, readily available supplement like CRE is an effective MYO suppressor. One can only assume that the lack of research concerning the creatine monohydrate (it’s most effective form) and Myostatin Connection is due to the lack of financial incentive to those concerned like Big Pharma.

So, the continuing surprise here is that there has, as yet, not been a credible study proving a direct causal relationship between CRE & MYO, one that is based exclusively on the use of CRE, without the simultaneous use of resistance training. Popularly cited research published back in 2009 can be found here: Effects of oral creatine and resistance training on serum myostatin and GASP-1 .

Even a more recent meta-analysis fails to relate direct causation of MYO inhibition by CRE: Effect of creatine supplementation during resistance training.

So, although it has been continually proven that CRE has a direct effect on muscle mass (in combination with resistance training), the actual mechanisms involved are still unclear and needing some sound elucidation.

My guess is that genetic factors will heavily influence the extent to which CRE inhibits MYO, once that elusive relationship has been well established.

To finally get an answer out to your question, let me first provide the following disclaimer:

As there is yet to be found in the literature concrete evidence that CRE inhibits MYO, it is only a speculative assumption that there is, in fact, a dosage related mechanism in play.

With the above caveat firmly in mind, if CRE is going to work to suppress MYO, a guesstimate for a failsafe activation dosage would presumably average around 20g.

But, as the saying goes: ‘’the proof is in the puddin’’’ it will be left up to us Citizen Scientists to find this answer out for ourselves in the time-honoured tried and true DIY fashion that we all know and love.

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