What’s the weirdest advice anyone has attempted to give you regarding bodybuilding?

I don’t think it was, uhm…advice, not exactly.

Although, to this day, I’m still not entirely sure what you’d call it (mindset, POV, superstition, ignorance, idiocy, perhaps?).

It was an observation, a conclusion of sorts, from an erstwhile training partner of mine after the 2nd or 3rd training session with me that went something like this:

I am not going to train with you, anymore.

Oh, too bad…why is that?

You train too gonzo, too intense-like.

Yeah? You don’t say?

Yeah, if we keep on training like this, I’ll have to keep training harder and harder in the future in order to make any gains.

Well, yes…that’s the idea…it’s kind of why it’s called progressive resistance, I think.

No, if I keep training with you I’d have to keep upping the dosage in order to make any progress.

I had to admit, there was a weird kind of bitch logic to this train of thought.

You mean like drugs…like Heroin or something? You build up a tolerance, and training easy ain’t no good, no more? I asked incredulously.

Yeah, kinda like that.

Huh, well sheeeeit!  I’ll be damned, I’m screwed then.

It’s the way that I’ve been training for 20 years.

No wonder it took me so long to get this big.

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