Can You Use Commercially Available Exogenous Ketones To Allow An Increase Of Carbohydrates On A Ketogenic Diet?


I think that what you’ll find happening here is that, if your carbohydrate intake is high enough (say over 100g daily, but this is only a ballpark guess), your body is unlikely to become ‘’Keto-Adapted,’’ as the preferential fuel will be glucose (derived from all your carbohydrates) rather than the ketone bodies.

So, the answer is no.

You have no hope of a Keto Cheat using EKs, I’m afraid.

But, Exogenous Ketones may come in handy for other things.

Exogenous Ketones may be helpful in certain circumstances:

  • Staying in Ketosis while on a higher protein intake schedule.
  • While in Ketosis during exercise
  • May be helpful, in some cases, in reducing the incidence of ‘’Keto Flu’’.
  • Neuro-protective. Exogenous Ketones may protect neurons against some forms of damage.

What happens to the ketones?

They will meet the same fate as any other form of calorie: an excess will be stored as fat.


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