We Are (Almost) Back In Biz

The announcement of Friday 22 May by the States Of Guernsey of their intention to transition from the current Level 3 to Level 4, lifting closure orders affecting gyms and leisure centres was almost a surprise…if a long-awaited and very welcomed one.

We are relieved and thrilled to announce that we expect to re-open this coming Saturday 30th of May, after 67 DAYS OF LOCKDOWN.

We have not been posting on this website during the crises period for the simple fact that we had nothing to say, or perhaps rather: that we had nothing important or relevant to say.

A factor which doesn’t seem to have stopped many other people from sounding off.

We are currently hard at work here at BodyWorks Gym prepping, cleaning, signing and ensuring that the gym will meet or exceed the requirements to provide a clean, healthy and virus-free environment and training experience. We intend to do this with the minimum inconvenience and hassle, while not compromising the upbeat environment that has always made BodyWorks a great place to train.

We are looking forward to welcoming back all our loyal, old members (some have been members for over 20 years) who have stuck with us during this challenging and unpleasant time (Big Karma Points to you all!); as well as previous and new members and customers!

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