Paleo vs Keto. Which Is Better?

It’s a comparison of two different things here, apples and tangerines.

The Ketogenic diet has a pretty definite set of criteria and clearly defined boundaries involved with it. It has a good body of science and logic associated with it, whether you subscribe to its claims of sustainability or not.

On the other hand, Paleo is a diet system that is not very clearly defined. It seems to be one of those touchy-feely sorts of diets, full of arbitrary guidelines and riddled with conjecture, without much science. The premise here that food consumed during man’s palaeolithic past, when whatever he managed to gather or hunt down with primitive stone tools is what we ought to base our modern eating habits on, is just a little silly. Palaeolithic man’s life was poor, tedious, nasty, brutish and short. He often maintained a variety of comorbidities throughout his brief existence, covering everything from worms, arthritis, spinal degeneration to vermin and periodontal disease.

You also haven’t mentioned as far as better for what exactly? what do you hope to achieve with your diet tool?

Is it Fat Loss? Then use keto.

Is it the optimisation of your blood profile? Then use keto.

Is it blood sugar normalisation? Keto is your diet tool of choice.


Hopefully, that answers your question?

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