I get really sore after a good workout. Is it okay to use ice and/or ibuprofen to recover after I lift?

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Sure, should you strain your ankle or pull a hamstring muscle.

However, need to be a little careful utilising either of these strategies for just post training soreness or DOMS.

This is because both reduce/interfere with the post training inflammatory response that is a necessary part of the body’s natural adaptation process. A process as important to building muscle or increasing fitness levels as the actual training itself.

So, that post training “soreness” is actually a signal that you’ve trained with enough intensity to give the body notice that it needs to initiate a cascade of responses to repair the damage you’ve inflicted to the system.

Best to just relax, take a hot bath, apply good nutritional strategies that perhaps include HMB, BCAA, creatine and a balanced intake of macros.

I sometimes kick back in a jacuzzi or hot tub with a small glass of red wine and admire the stars after a good meal.

This also seems to do the trick.

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”Struggle breeds character?” Well, maybe or maybe not. But post training soreness is a good indicator that sufficient training intensity was applied and maintained  to initiate hypertrophy.


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