Is it really true that you can only absorb 25g of protein at a time?

Monsters are not limited to 25g of protein per serving.

There’s a variety of urban myth out there which attempts to convince the gullible public that human beings are confined to a protein absorption threshold limit of 25g per meal.

This is far from clearly established. The actuality of this ‘’limit’’ has not been reconciled with anything resembling a properly conducted scientific study, the opposite in fact is probably the case.

The origin of this 30g protein limit comes from some work done on protein powder absorption administered in isolation from other nutrients (no carbs or fats), suggesting that the percentage of amino acids oxidised (for our purposes = wasted or possibly stored as fat) increases with increased amounts of protein supplemented.

It is somewhat more plausible that there exists daily (24–25 hr) limit for protein absorption of roughly 2.2–2.5 g/kg of body mass. At these levels, the anabolic effect of further increased protein intake may not be completely cost effective. But this is conclusion is also not entirely clear and appears to depend on all sorts of other individual variables such as:

  • the nature of other macronutrients and foods taken at the same time
  • age
  • health status
  • drug intake (all sorts of drugs (other than anabolic steroids) will have influence on protein metabolism
  • Physical activity (yes,bodybuilders and other athletes do have an increased need for protein)
  • Stress levels
  • Gender
  • Individual microbiome (gut microbiota present within each individual).
This thing sure looks like more than a mouthful of protein!

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