I’m a little confused. Is a movement like pull-ups a compound movement or an isolation exercise?

It’s an absolutely smashing day here on the island of Guernsey. Thought we’d better sort this out before the beach.

It’s classed as a compound movement, As it is spread over a range of muscle groups.

Although it’s fashionable and convenient to label exercises into a groups like isolation and compound, it’s probably a little misleading. If you are going to do this, it is possibly more useful to substitute functional in place of compound.

Rarely, if ever, is isolating a single muscle in the human body possible. There will always be a certain amount of assistance and involvement from adjacent attachment and opposing muscle groups.

Although not precise, It is often useful, especially for something like bodybuilding, to act and think of it as being possible. This mental construct allows us to focus on the least amount of muscle area while attempting to exert maximum stress on a smaller portion.

We can achieve a better muscle fibre overload, thereby increase muscle hypertrophy more effectively.

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