I want to add 20kg. of lean muscle mass. Can I accomplish this on a Vegetarian Diet?

Vegetarian bodybuilding is doable. However, it will require a little extra work and planning in the nutritional tactics and strategies departments than will diets incorporating meat products. Although, I would not say it was an optimal diet for gaining muscle. But, if you are going vegetarian for philosophical, compassionate or possibly other reasons, more power to you.

Now, let’s look at the 20kg. of muscle part of the question.

The answer to this is…Who knows?

That much muscle mass would be difficult to gain on any kind of diet, vegan, carnivore, steroid or otherwise. What is important to know is that muscle gain can be experienced through various types of nutritional pathways, if protein intake is kept at a required level. Let no one tell you that it is impossible. It may very well be difficult, but certainly not impossible.

Two bodybuilders come to mind when talking Vegan Muscle, one good and one great: Andreas Cahling and Bill Pearl.

Andreas in his prime, Santa Monica circa late 1970s
Andreas 2015 or 2016, looking a little like a very buffed out medieval muscle guy.
Iconic Bill Pearl, Mr. Universe in his 40s.
Bill in his 50s in the gym.

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