Is a lack of sleep related to muscle hypertrophy?

If what you mean is does the lack of sleep have a negative effect on muscle hypertrophy, the answer is yes, quite clearly.

As you’re probably already aware, the body is filled with various physiological clocks and timing devices, hormonal, chemical and neurological wound or unwound by multitudes of genetic, nutritional, environmental and lifestyle factors.

These timing devices are the harbingers of anabolic and catabolic pathways that dictate whether you are awake or asleep, growing or shrinking, living or dying.

Sleep is not a game!

In the last couple of decades the amount of knowledge that we have accumulated with regard to the significance and profundity of the effects of sleep (or the lack of it) on the brain and body is staggering.

As far as muscle growth is dependent on Growth Hormone which is pulsed, for the most part, in the deeper (Stage 3) levels of sleep, the lack of deep and restful sleep will interfere with your anabolic processes more dramatically than any other single factor, other than perhaps, starvation.

This fact, along with the seemingly paradoxical effect that the lack of sleep has on fat distribution in the body (higher cortisol secretion will support catabolism and increased rate of fat storage), makes even the most powerful steroid pale in comparison to it.

Hypnos: The All-Powerful-God-of-Sleep.

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