A Very Limited Time Membership Offer.

Among the professional services that BodyWorks offers, one of the more recent, which has proven to be reasonably popular, has been Genetic Testing. With focus on how an individual’s genetic composition may affect the spectrum of fitness and dietary considerations available to each customer.

Customers will often field complaints of a feeling of overwhelming confusion as they attempt to negotiate the gauntlet of fitness choices that are inevitably thrown their way.

Many highly motivated and curious fitness enthusiast, bodybuilders and amateur athletes at the gym have found this simple testing procedure to be a particularly useful, extremely time efficient and cost effective tool.

With an experienced and scientifically oriented diagnostic procedure, everything from the optimal exercise type, training frequency, duration, volume and nutrition to what may be the best recovery cycle for and how prone to injury you might be can be estimated without the years involved in trial and error experimentation

We are therefore pleased & excited to make the following time and supply limited offer to customers who sign up and purchase either a TITANIUM or PLATINUM annual membership before the 15th of August, 2019.

Includes all laboratory testing and online account costs.

Please be aware that we only have 10 FITNESSGENES kits available for distribution for this offer and when these have been taken, that ends the deal.

If this offer sounds interesting, please feel free to make contact for further information or to make arrangements to view the gym and discuss your requirements.

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