Does cooking with Whey Protein ruin it?

So, most of us think of whey protein powder in just one way-PROTEIN DRINK. What is protein powder really good for, other than to drink it? Ah, but you’d be surprised on its versatility and usability with a little imagination thrown in to the mix.

While normal baking or cooking with whey protein powder will alter its structure somewhat, it won’t denature or ‘’damage’’ the component amino acids in the sense that you mean.

Although, a little word of warning:

For breakfast, say that you decide to mix some vanilla whey protein powder in your oatmeal, add a little liquid and put it in the microwave. If you’re in a hurry to get to work and you crank the cooker up hi, go do your hair and come back in 5 minutes or so, what you might find is a big sort of block of off-white inedible material greeting you from your bowl. It’ll be a real challenge to get that bowl clean.

So, don’t overcook.

Overcooked protein powder…yuck!

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