What is the difference between making 50 pull ups in 1 hour and doing 50 pull ups throughout the day?

Yes, the difference lies in a strength vs. power concept and with the goal in question, what you want to measure and improve.

Fitness is not just one measurable quantity, you see, but a collection of them.

Simply put: muscular strength is defined as the maximum amount of force a muscle can exert against some form of resistance in a single effort.

While muscular power is the product of dynamic muscular force and muscle contraction velocity. To measure power, you multiply the speed at which the muscle contracts with the force it exerts.

Now if this doesn’t seem to make much sense in relation to the question you asked, let’s modify the explanation a bit for power:

Power is the rate at which you can apply your strength for multiple reps over a period of time.

So, in a (theoretical) nutshell:

  • 50 pullups in an hour would maximise your potential for power.
  • While 50 pull ups performed throughout the day allows time for more recovery and and marshalling of force over fewer reps per unit time. This factor would most likely be the best way to improve your strength.

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