What muscles does the dumbbell pullover target?

Old Skool Arnold doing a dumbbell pullover on what appears to be a Roman Chair apparatus

Depending on the position of the pullover exercise that you choose, the pullover can provide primary cover for the following muscles:

  1. Intercostals;
  2. Serratus;
  3. Anterior Delts;
  4. Triceps.

Also, depending on your technique, these muscles can also be hit

  • Pectorals;
  • Latissimus;
  • Rhomboids, Teres and Trapezius (but these in mostly stabilizing roles);
  • Posterior Delts.
You can do it lengthwise wearing what is basically a gym bikini

There are many options with pullovers, so many completely different pieces of equipment that you can use that you can just go ahead and class it as a full exercise group, rather than just thinking of it as a single movement.

You can consider it as a sort of a squat for the whole upper body.

The Pullover?
It’s an upper body squat, n’est pas?
You can use an prototype Nautilus Machine like Serge Oliva
Or you can really get fancy

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